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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

CAMRA National Executive Advice

Monday 16 March – Tuesday 4 August 2020

You’ll have all seen the announcement by the Prime Minister this week and no doubt, been as concerned as us about the escalating situation, and also, horrified by the potential implication the measures will have on pubs, clubs, breweries and cider producers. It also undoubtedly will have a huge impact on our activities as an organisation, as well as the activities and social lives of our members. The National Executive has reached the following decisions: CAMRA OFFICE ● While the CAMRA office will remain open on a limited staffing, we will be encouraging as many staff as possible to work from home. It is not expected that this will substantially affect the service they provide to the organisation and members. CAMRA EVENTS ● Due to the advice from government concerning mass gatherings, it with great regret that we must cancel all CAMRA festivals, including the Great Welsh Beer Festival, planned between now and the end of June. We deeply appreciate all the hard work volunteers have put into these festivals and the risk management carried out by many organisers to mitigate potential losses so far. We hope that organisers will be able to stage successful festivals in 2021 and planning and negotiations made this year will be beneficial in the future – thank you to all. This will be a rolling three-month cancellation, reviewed on a weekly basis. Festivals planned for beyond the end of June should not commit to any spend without consulting with the Events committee. Anyone who has purchased an advance ticket should be offered a refund, or, if possible, a deferred ticket for a future event, or beer tokens to spend at a future festival. Details of how this can be done will be circulated.

Internal Memorandum ● The National Executive continues to review the likelihood of the Great British Beer Festival going ahead. A final decision has not been reached as it is outside the three-month cancellation window. We’d advise visitors and volunteers to hold off booking accommodation or booking leave. ● The Great British Beer Festival Winter The Working Party have been asked to go ahead, and planning will proceed on that basis for 2021. MEETINGS, MEMBERS WEEKEND, AGM & CONFERENCE ● Physical meetings, at a national, regional & branch level, should stop immediately. While we understand the important social benefits of CAMRA and the huge pleasure in pub going, we feel it would be seen as highly irresponsible to continue to promote gatherings of people in pubs – both of which have been advised against by the Government. Considering this, the National Executive has decided to instruct all committees, at national, regional and branch level, to immediately cancel any physical meetings and only organise virtual meetings. Guidance on how committees and branches can do this will be circulated. ● CAMRA’s Members Weekend, AGM and Conference weekend in York will be cancelled​. Again, due to government advice on mass gatherings, it is with regret that we must cancel the Members’ Weekend in York this April. We are looking at options for how we can successfully conclude AGM business without a physical meeting, so would encourage anyone who has not already done so to vote remotely for the Ordinary and Special Resolutions and the National Executive elections, as you will no longer be able to do so at a physical meeting. ● The Key Strategic & Branches Committee These are being tasked with assessing the impacts of the above on all our activities and the wider impacts of COVID on the pub, club and brewery industry. They will consult with staff and decide how best to use our resources and pivot our strategy to meet the new challenges. Our focus will be on the immediate campaigning and lobbying to support pubs and breweries in the light of government advice to customers to stay away – and secure a package of measures to protect them.

Internal Memorandum The CAMRA COVID Response Group (a quick response decision team made up of senior volunteers and staff) will continue to meet weekly to assess any changes in the COVID situation. CAMRA’s National Executive and Key Strategic Committees will increase the frequency of their virtual meetings to address the rapidly changing situation.