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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Pub Preservation Campaign

The Campaign For Real Ale (Camra) says 12 pubs are closing across England, Scotland and Wales every week. The consumer group says the figure, up to the end of March 2012, is a drop on its previous findings. Despite the fall, Camra is concerned about the number of suburban and rural pubs shutting for good. “It’s encouraging to see it slowing down but behind that figure we’ve seen 4,500 pubs close since 2008,” said Camra’s Chief Executive Mike Benner. “It’s certainly not good news.” “Going to the pub is increasingly becoming an unaffordable activity,” said Mike. “A third of the price of every pint you buy is now taxation. Excise duty on beer has increased by 42% since 2008.” Blames for the rate of closures are the recession, the tax on beer being too high and supermarkets selling alcohol cheaply. Camra wants to see a halt on above-inflation beer tax increases and has launched an e-petition. ( View and sign here ) The Government says they are taking action to support pubs. “We have doubled small business rate relief for two and a half years, which gives up to 100% rate relief for small firms including pubs,” said Communities Minister Bob Neill.

North Devon CAMRA Aims

Our aims are simple, to help and support any pub in our area that might be closing down. This can be done in a number of ways.

  • Promoting the use of your local pub, and encouraging a good community spirit.
  • Campaigning against closures through local councils, authorities and MPs.
  • Publicise with local media and encourage high profile coverage.
  • Encourage local community groups to campaign for their local pub.

The fight to save our pub starts here

The Ring O’Bells, Prixford, Devon On 8th April 2012 a well loved local pub, the Ring O’Bells, called final orders, closed the doors and ceased trading. What a sad day! It has served the locals for over 170 years and was considered by many as the centre of the community. A place where everyone could gather. New residents were always encouraged to try out the pub as soon as possible. They may have walked in as strangers but left knowing they had made friends and their decision to move here was the right one. Old hands knew that popping in for a quick drink was never really an option as you could guarantee you would meet someone interesting to chat to. An eclectic mix would gather for a friendly game of skittles, shoot some pool, enjoy live music (everyone present will never forget a particular St Patrick’s night – enough said), eat some food, consume some ale (perhaps one or two too many on occasions) or debate the issue of the day. All this, as well as raising lots of money for local charities through the regular and very popular quiz nights. Alas no more but ‘watch this space’. At the moment we can’t stand at the bar, ask for our ‘usual’ and wave across the pumps to our neighbors. Then when we’ve been served turn and discuss the latest news with our drinking partner. But that’s not to say we don’t want to. We love our Ring O’Bells and our aim is to try to preserve it as a pub for the future use of our community. To find out more, please visit their website here