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Beer drinkers returning to pubs can finally get a taste of fresh cask beer

With cask beer sales hit a new campaign says "Cask is BACK, so back CASK"

A new campaign launching today is calling on beer drinkers to back British brewing and pubs and opt for a pint of fresh cask beer from a local independent brewery when they return to pubs next week.

Sales of hand-pulled cask beer, which can only be sold in pubs, have been hit hard by Coronavirus restrictions – with sales of this fresh British beer down 70% over the last twelve months – but a new campaign is seeking to reverse those fortunes and has the backing of brewers, beer drinkers and publicans alike.

The 'Cask is BACK, so back CASK' campaign has been launched today by the Society of Independent Brewers, the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), the British Institute of Innkeeping, and Cask Marque – who are championing Britain’s National drink, which can only be enjoyed down the pub.

"Cask beer and pubs go hand-in-hand and are an important part of our National identity. Because cask beer can only be enjoyed in the pub it’s the drink millions of beer lovers across the UK have missed most during lockdown. Whether you're a real ale enthusiast or sometimes beer drinker, we're asking everyone to support their local independent breweries and opt for their first pint back in the pub to be some delicious local cask beer. For publicans, those pubs that do cask and do it well will reap the rewards so we’re encouraging all in the pub trade to prioritise cask and ensure that first pint back is in tip-top condition. The message is simple - cask is back, so back cask!" James Calder, SIBA Chief Executive.

“What makes the Great British pub so unique is delicious, fresh cask beer. It’s a drink you can only enjoy in the pub and which millions of people across the UK have not been able to enjoy for much of the last twelve months. So when pubs reopen next week I’d like to invite you to join me in making our first pint down the pub a fresh cask beer from a local brewery, you’ll not only get a great tasting beer but you’ll be supporting local independent breweries and our struggling pub-industry.” Tom Stainer, Chief Executive CAMRA

“Cask ale is a unique attribute to UK pubs and a key point of difference to many BII members, who run professional independent, drink-led venues in our local towns, high streets and communities. Our pubs need ongoing support to recover their businesses and support fantastic local brewers that make our pubs so special.

“The BII continues to support members through this critical reopening and long road to recovery of their pubs, as well as the key supply chain businesses that help make the Great British pub part of our nation’s heritage.” Steven Alton, CEO of the BII.

“We have all missed the pub and for a lot of us a pint of Cask Ale will complete our rehabilitation. Serving great cask ale I am sure will get more people back into the British pub.” Paul Nunny, Cask Marque Director

Cask beer, also known as Real Ale, is Britain’s National drink and what makes it unique is its freshness – brewed to be served fresh ands hand-pulled from chilled pub cellars in a few days.

During lockdown some 5 Million pints of cask beer from small independent breweries had to be poured away, with the brewers who made it left to foot the bill. Those same breweries have been ramping production back up ahead of pubs reopening, so by buying a pint of cask beer you’re not only supporting your local pub, but helping out small independent breweries too.

Earl of Portsmouth, Chawleigh - Community Share Purchase opportunity

One of CAMRA’s lesser known functions is to help ensure that Pubs are not closed for redevelopment due to various circumstances that may affect that pub.

For example, many owners of pubs that for some reason feel they need to divest themselves of the pub, will try to run it into the ground by employing tenants or managers whose sole aim is to reduce customer throughput and thereby lowering income to a point where it becomes ‘unviable’ to continue operating.

This has been seen in many mainly rural locations where the heart of the village has been ripped out by such unscrupulous people. However, having said that, there are still owners of pubs where legitimately the pub has become unviable just because the wrong tenants have been installed a number of times and consequently has proven to be a financial burden on the owner. When this happens there is a reasonable assumption that the pub just cannot be run efficiently or profitably and then becomes subject to a ‘Change of Use’ planning application to convert to a residential one.

One such pub that has recently gone through this scenario is The Earl of Portsmouth in Chawleigh, where tenants had changed a number of times over a short period of time, none of whom could make the pub work, according to their comments. The local community, though, had other ideas and reasons as to why this was the case and so launched in July 2020 a campaign to return the Earl of Portsmouth as a local for the community. What helped them to make this decision was the fact that the owner of the pub actually wanted to keep it as one if at all possible.

North Devon CAMRA was asked if there was anything they could do to help the community in making this happen. ND CAMRA swung into action and provided a wealth of information to the group, the first of which was to have granted that the pub was an Asset of Community Value (ACV). That is to say that the pub was the hub of the village and was an amenity that helped the village thrive. This was helped by the fact that a while ago the Government also knew this was the case and so introduced legislation into the Planning processes that took cognisance of this fact.

Now as we move forward to February 2021, after many meetings, discussions and help from organisations such as the Plunkett Society, the Earl of Portsmouth Preservation Society is today up and running with the sole aim of saving the Pub for the community. They are currently fund raising for this venture by issuing shares to individuals who are like minded in saving such a valuable commodity for the benefit of all. There are many legal requirements that this group have had to follow but this venture is now real and deserves attention from all CAMRA members.

The current Earl of Portsmouth has also expressed his desire to support this venture. There is a link with The Earl of Portsmouth as his family helped rebuild the pub when the Great Fire of Chawleigh, which occurred in the 19th. Century, burnt the pub down along with many other houses. The pub then was named the London Inn and after rebuilding was renamed to The Earl of Portsmouth.

The chance of buying into this scheme is an opportunity that, fortunately, does not come round often and hopefully will not occur in the location where you are. By supporting this venture, you will be showing others that having a local pub in your community is valuable and that you share your vision and values with those who wish to retain that asset.

For more information on this I would urge you to visit the Earl of Portsmouth Preservation Society’s web page which can be found at Save The Earl.

You will see the amount of work and effort that the community has put into this venture as well as being able to purchase shares to support them.

There is also a Facebook link here The Earl Facebook Page..

Please support them if you can!

From:- Ash Corbett-Collins

As Commercial and Communications Director, it is my responsibility to tell you that the monthly printed production of What’s Brewing will cease as of April 2021 with the final issue distributed on 17 March 2021.

The newspaper has been a staple of CAMRA campaigning for nearly 50 years, and I know the changes will sadden some members. As I have personally been involved in the decision-making process, I want to provide some context for discussion here on Discourse.

Following almost three years of investigation, in September 2019 the National Executive made the decision to cease monthly printed production of What’s Brewing in July 2021 to save the campaign circa £130K per annum, following a recommendation put forward by the (then) Communications Committee.

Due to budgetary restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was subsequently decided to bring the decommissioning date forward to April 2021. To effectively communicate and oversee this change, a Membership Publications Working Group was formed in October. After some deliberations, the Commercial and Communications Committee approved the Working Group’s proposals as presented at their meeting on 13 January 2021.

We have now agreed a four-part plan to transition content currently available in printed What’s Brewing to other channels of communications, which includes:

• A new look and feel platform with the more up-to-date content and the most recent stories front and centre, easy to search for articles, greater ability to share video, audio and imagery and full mobile optimisation.

• A log-in function that will allow you to select the stories you want to hear about the most – whether that’s AGM updates, brewery news or localised information from your region.

• A tailored newsletter to keep you updated on the news however frequently it suits you, and a new social media stream so that you know when news stories go live as they are published.

• Involving more local volunteer writers to help us create more content and bridge the gap between local and national CAMRA campaigning and news.

You will be pleased to hear that BEER magazine will continue to be published in both printed and digital format four times a year. From the Autumn 2021 issue onwards, BEER magazine will also include a new eight-page What’s Brewing section, which will help you keep up to date with CAMRA news, opinions and analysis in a printed edition each quarter. There is no proposal to change this.

The What’s Brewing print-to-digital project is just one of the decisions that has been taken to make CAMRA’s campaigns more well-resourced and agile to save more pubs and breweries in these challenging times. It is not only the responsible action to take after an incredibly difficult year, but one that makes sense when planning for CAMRA’s future, taking into account how we are all digesting news in 2021 and beyond.

If you would like to find out more about this decision, the timeline for changes, web platform improvements or how best to get involved as a volunteer writer, you can get more information and a full Q&A page on the CAMRA website at: Whats Brewing - more information.

CAMRA's Golden Awards.

As part of CAMRA’s upcoming 50th Anniversary Year celebrations, we intend to present a maximum of 50 people, groups of people or businesses with a CAMRA's 50th Anniversary Golden Award. We want to honour those who have made a significant contribution to the achievement of CAMRA's aims and helped us get to where we are today.

This is aimed at our campaigning heroes, the pub/club all-stars, beer saviours/custodians and stalwarts both in our midst, or those who are no longer with us. We want to celebrate our successes.

As a CAMRA member do you know any person or business you think worthy of a nomination? These do not need to be CAMRA members, but anyone who in the past 50 years has gone above and beyond to further the aims of CAMRA. It could be a publican, brewer/producer, pub/club champion, or a campaigner for beer, cider or perry for example. In fact it could be any person or business who has helped in whatever way to maintain the availability, accessibility, heritage and quality of our traditional drinks and the establishments we drink them in. A group who changed the direction of the campaign or brewing industry, set up new systems or changed the way we think about pubs for example?

To help you make your decision, just think about the campaigning we have done for Pints, Pubs and People since 1971, and nominate from the following categories.

Pints - a brewery or cider/perry producer that has gone above and beyond in delivering excellence or innovation over the years.

Pubs - a pub or club that has stood the test of time, convivial, characterful, community-focused and consistently pouring great pints.

People - an individual, or group of individuals who have made a significant contribution to the achievement of our campaigning aims.

Multiple nominations are allowed if you have several people in different categories in mind, but a nominee can only receive one award. If anyone does receive more than one nomination the Awards Committee will decide which of their reasons for nomination has the most merit. We would also like to compile a Roll of Honour, to celebrate the successes of our early years, to acknowledge all those who would have deserved such an award in the pints, pubs or people categories had they still been around today to receive them.

Nominations for an award, or listing on the Roll of Honour, can be made by filling out the relevant details on the dedicated website: 50th. Anniversary Nomination where the full eligibility criteria are outlined. We will need a proposer and a brief (maximum 400 words) description as to why they deserve the award.

Closing date The closing date for entries is the 16th March 2021 (our 50th Anniversary), to give your branches, regions and committees time to meet and complete the nominations. Judging will have taken place by mid-April and announcements of award recipients will be made throughout the year to maximise publicity for the campaign.

New research: Majority of pub-goers feel safe in hospitality venues

CAMRA calls for all pubs to be allowed to trade in December for a COVID-secure Christmas

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, has called on governments to adapt the tier systems to let all pubs trade in December, after new YouGov research finds that the majority of pub-goers believe that pubs and other hospitality venues offer a COVID-secure environment.

The survey, conducted on the behalf of CAMRA, found that 82% of GB adults who have been to the pub at least once in the last 6 months felt hospitality businesses were COVID-secure environments, reflecting the huge investment many pubs have made to re-open during the pandemic.

Many pubs have invested thousands to utilise new technologies to introduce track and trace, table service, flexi glass screening, new sanitation stations and deep cleans. CAMRA has consistently called on government to offer evidence into virus transmissions within the pub setting and is asking ministers to publish the evidence on which decisions are being taken about what the tier system in England will look like after lockdown ends on 2nd December.

The Campaign has also called on the Scottish Government to re-examine strict restrictions on pubs as part of its 5 tier system.

The consumer group now wants the UK Government to adapt the tier system in England to allow all pubs to open on the 3rd December – regardless of whether they serve food or not – so that consumers can enjoy the personal wellbeing benefits of pub-going over the Christmas season.

CAMRA’s National Chairman Nik Antona said:

“Businesses should be allowed to open based on whether they can provide a COVID-secure environment – not based on whether they serve food. Publicans have invested thousands to keep their customers safe this year and comply with additional regulations and track and trace requirements, and this research shows that customers recognise this too.

“We are particularly concerned that wet-led pubs have been hit by forced closure in Tier 3 areas even before lockdown and have been left out from the VAT reductions that only apply to food and non-alcoholic drinks, despite needing support just as much as other hospitality venues. It’s vital that they are given the chance to trade after lockdown ends.

“The Government also need to properly review curfew, which SAGE scientists advise has a marginal effect on suppressing the virus and there are concerns that it leads to mingling in non-COVID-safe environments, such as people’s homes. With no evidence to suggest that curfews work, we believe the initiative should be scrapped – especially from the lower Tier levels when lockdown ends.“

“For a long time, CAMRA has championed community pubs as the home of responsible drinking. This Christmas, we believe pubs should be the COVID-safe home to enjoy a pint.”

BII Launch 'Heart of the Community' Award

A new recognition scheme has been launched by the British Institute of Innkeeping (BII).

This is an external recognition scheme that is run solely by the BII, but it’s aims and objectives are in line with CAMRA’s work to champion the community and social value of pubs.

BII ‘Heart of the Community’ Award – opportunity for branches and the public to nominate local pubs.

About the ‘Heart of the Community’ Award

The BII’s ‘Heart of the Community’ Award launched in October this year and seeks to recognise all the pubs that have done so much for their community this year. While billed as an ‘award’ it’s not a competition - the aim is to recognise as many pubs as possible through the scheme.

The scheme aims to:

• Generate positive news about pubs during a very difficult time for the industry, especially in the media.

• Highlight individual cases of community spirit and help licensees realise how important what they do is to their community.

• Help licensees with their own social media profiles – giving them ready made graphics to share and promote their work with customers.

• Raise the profile of the pub industry, showcasing pubs with the general public, as well as Government – and underpinning why they should support the industry.

You can view more information and some of the winners so far on the BII’s website here.

How to nominate a pub

The BII are keen to receive as many nominations as possible. Nominations can be made by anyone, including publicans themselves. Nominees do not need to be members of the BII or CAMRA – any pub can be nominated.

Nominations should include:

• How the nominee has gone out of their way to offer support to their community, whether it was through providing essential groceries, looking out for their regulars, turning their pubs into shops or any of the other community initiatives

• Any stories, pictures, videos or social media posts relating to what they did in lockdown

A nomination form can be downloaded here BII Nomination Form, and should be returned to ku.gro.iib@ytinummoc

Tim Webster buys The Reform Inn, Pilton.

Barum Brewery in Pilton, Barnstaple, has long supplied the attached pub, The Reform Inn with its products. Recently, the owner of Barum Brewery, Tim Webster, has purchased the Reform Inn and become the new landlord which, considering we are in the middle of a pandemic, was a very bold move by him. Being the owner of North Devon's longest running brewery, when the previous landlady told him she was giving up the pub, Tim swung into action knowing that he could not let the pub just stand.

Below is the proud owner of The Reform Inn, Pilton and we suggest that when we emerge from the latest lockdown, that you take time to go and visit him and enjoy some of the excellent beers he produces.

Panniers Good Beer Guide 2021 Presentation

Recently, North Devon CAMRA presented The Panniers, Barnstaple, with their Licensee Pack welcoming them as an entry into the Good Beer Guide 2021. Pictured proudly holding the Guide is Manager George (Alan) Young.

CAMRA is 50 Years Old in 2021

As you no doubt are aware, CAMRA will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2021. We are already gearing up to a year of activities, campaigning and more.

We are currently seeking photographs for an online gallery documenting CAMRA’s half a century of history, which can be visited by members on our website and on our social media channels as we celebrate our anniversary, in place of a physical exhibition due to the ongoing pandemic.

If you have any photographs from your time as a member that you would be willing to contribute - photos documenting festivals, meetings, AGM or other CAMRA gatherings - we would love to see them! Plus, there may be a chance we get in touch to ask for permission to use an image or two in an upcoming book on CAMRA’s history.

If you would be happy to share, get in touch with the Press team at ku.gro.armac@sserp. If your images are too large for email, you can also use programs such as Dropbox or WeTransfer. If you know a friend within your branch who might have some good shots, do feel free to pass this information on to them.

Please be aware that by sharing photographs you have taken with us, you are granting us permission to use them for commercial means. If you have used specific models for your photo you will need to ask them to sign a photo release form (available in CAMRA Public Relations Toolkit page).

General snaps of a group of people attending a beer festival are excluded from this as they are in a public setting. If you have any questions or need anything from us, drop the team a line at the email above.

New Menu Option for Membership Discounts

A new menu item on the left hand side of our web site has an additional item that will take you to the CAMRA Discount page.

This page contains discounts that are available to CAMRA members only and the option to display them will require you to LOGIN to our site using the "Members' Area" option on the left hand side and then entering your CAMRA ID and Password.

Once entered, the menu item 'Membership Benefits - Discounts' will be displayed. Click on that then click on the url in the Membership Benefits page that will take you to the CAMRA discount site.

Cider Pub of the Year Presentation, 2020 – Hip & Pistol, Ilfracombe

After a period of time that was interrupted by the Covid-19 lockdown and self isolation by the Hip & Pistol, Ilfracombe, North Devon CAMRA were at last able to present them with their Cider Pub of the Year award for 2020, just before the next lockdown is applied!

Presentation to the Hip and Pistol, Ilfracombe as North Devon's Cider Pub of the Year winner for 2020. Hip and Pistol 2020 Hip and Pistol 2020 Hip and Pistol 2020

Here we see the Landlord, Nick Waters, being presented with his award by the Chairman of North Devon CAMRA, Steve (Snuffy) Lock.

Congratulations to the Hip & Pistol!

Good Beer Guide 2021 is now available. Check North Devon Entries!

The Good Beer Guide 2021 is published today, 29th. October and is available to buy from the CAMRA Shop and other outlets.

Although we are still having to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, all entries in this years guide were decided prior to any lockdown and so reflect the quality of beer, the services and facilities that the pubs were offering before being forced to close.

All of us at North Devon CAMRA would like to offer our sincerest congratulations to those pubs who continue to be in the guide as well as those entries who have made it into the guide either as a first entry or one that may have missed a year or two. Getting into the Guide is not easy and nor should it be and it is unfortunate that we cannot put more pubs into it. However please keep up your commitment to quality beer, great service and general ‘Bonhomie’ and let us see you in the next Guide.

Here is the complete list of the 27 pubs in the North Devon CAMRA area that made the guide out of approximately 275.

Pub Name Village
Champ Appledore
Panniers Barnstaple
Globe Inn Beaford
Windsor Arms Bradiford
Clovelly Inn Bratton Clovelly
Staghunters Inn Brendon
Arscott Arms Chapmans Well
Bell Inn Chittlehampton
Old Court House Chulmleigh
Red Lion Exbourne
Duke of York Iddesleigh
Admiral Collingwood Ilfracombe
Hip and Pistol Ilfracombe
Second Stage Ilfracombe
Wellington Arms Ilfracombe
Grove Inn Kings Nympton
Blue Lion Inn Lewdown
Cottage Inn Lynton
Railway Inn North Tawton
Plume of Feathers Hotel Okehampton
Bell Inn Parkham
King’s Arms South Zeal
Taw River Inn Sticklepath
Cyder Presse Weare Giffard
Old Smithy Inn Welcombe
Lymington Arms Wembworthy
King’s Arms Winkleigh

At this time, we cannot say for certain what will be happening with regard to pub entries into the 2022 guide. As soon as we are aware, we shall ensure all our members are informed so that they may nominate their favourite pub for inclusion into the guide.

We are fortunate that the North Devon Area falls into the medium category as far as Covid-19 infections are concerned, which means we do still have reasonable access to our favourite pubs. Please visit them often whilst ensuring you do so in a safe manner and by obeying the various legal requirements all publicans have to follow. Many have struggled to keep going and have done so by helping their own communities in providing takeaways for both food and beer as well as other services. It is now for us to repay that community spirit by frequenting them and ensuring their survival.

Again we say Congratulations to all the 2021 Good Beer Guide entries for North Devon.

Club of the Year 2020, Hartland British Legion Club presentation

Club of the Year Presentation - Royal British Legion Hartland Club of the Year Presentation - Royal British Legion Hartland Club of the Year Presentation - Royal British Legion Hartland

Club of the Year presentation, made on the 7th. September at The Royal British Legion Club, Hartland.

In the pictures are; from left to right Tony Crossley, Robert Parsons, Marcel Jeffrey of Royal British Legion and Stephen Lock. Well done the Royal British Legion.

Pub of the Year 2020, The Globe Inn Beaford presentation

POTY 2020 Globe Inn Beaford Branch members at POTY POTY certificate 2020 Jim and Sam

Our Pub of the Year 2020 presentation to the Globe Inn at Beaford. Jim and Sam are being presented with their certificate by Chairman Stephen (Snuffy) Lock in August. A small socially distanced gathering was there to celebrate with them.

To support the beer and pubs industry during this difficult time, we have decided to partner with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and Crowdfunder to try and help pubs, clubs, breweries, tap rooms and cider producers during these difficult times.

Our Pulling Together campaign encourages pubs, brewers and cider makers to come up with innovative ways to keep their business afloat during this crisis – whether that be launching a new online shop, offering beer or cider takeaways or providing redeemable gift vouchers for locals.

The campaign aims to amplify the voices of those pubs, brewers and cider producers while connecting the public with their favourite local businesses. With the help of Crowdfunder, we will also encourage pubs and breweries to tap into their community to help weather the crisis.

For more information visit Pulling Together

If you have an interest in Heritage this publication may be just what you need:Real Heritage Pubs of The South West

Real Heritage Pubs of The South West - Pub Interiors of Special Historic Interest

This book is part of the popular CAMRA Pub Heritage series. It includes high-quality photographs illustrating the featured pubs throughout the South West of England. With articles on specific features of each pub and full listings of over 100 pubs, celebrating their individual architectural and historical importance.

Illustrations: Over 200 full-colour photographs. Cost £5.99

CAMRA Real Ale, Cider and Perry Vouchers

The CAMRA Voucher scheme is a member benefit that entitles members to £30, sixty vouchers of fifty pence, off a pint of Real Ale, Cider or Perry. It complements the existing Real Ale Discount Scheme and is a bigger and better voucher scheme for our members.

As of 1 July 2019, CAMRA replaced Wetherspoon vouchers with a new CAMRA owned and operated voucher scheme.

All new and renewing CAMRA members will now receive:

£30 (60 x 50p) worth of CAMRA Real Ale, Cider and Perry Vouchers

Redeemable at over 1470 pubs nationwide, including J D Wetherspoon, Stonegate, Brains and Castle Rock managed pubs.

All vouchers will be valid for the length of membership for added flexibility.

Find out more in the full Terms and Conditions .

CAMRA promotes responsible drinking and thus encourages all vouchers to be used responsibly at all times.

The CAMRA Voucher Scheme is in addition to the Real Ale Discount Scheme where around 3500 pubs offer great discount benefits to membership card-carrying CAMRA members.

Voucher redemption: Each voucher is stamped with a start and end date and must be redeemed within this time. A membership card should be produced when using vouchers as proof of membership.

CAMRA promotes responsible drinking and thus encourages all vouchers to be used responsibly at all times.