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Good Beer Guide 2021

Please diarise this date - 29th. October 2020. This is when the 2021 edition of the Good Beer Guide is available for purchasing from the CAMRA web site.

With only 27 entries allowed in the Guide for North Devon out of a total of approximately 265 pubs in our area, entry into the Guide is seen as being very prestigious. Check back here on the 29th. to see if your local has made it into the Guide.

The surveying of the pubs was carried out prior to any lockdown and reflects pre-lockdown qualities, services and facilities.

Go here to purchase your copy Good Beer Guide 2021 Purchase

Club of the Year Presentation - Royal British Legion Hartland Club of the Year Presentation - Royal British Legion Hartland Club of the Year Presentation - Royal British Legion Hartland

Club of the Year presentation, made on the 7th. September at The Royal British Legion Club, Hartland.

In the pictures are; from left to right Tony Crossley, Robert Parsons, Marcel Jeffrey of Royal British Legion and Stephen Lock. Well done the Royal British Legion.

POTY 2020 Globe Inn Beaford Branch members at POTY POTY certificate 2020 Jim and Sam

Our Pub of the Year 2020 presentation to the Globe Inn at Beaford. Jim and Sam are being presented with their certificate by Chairman Stephen (Snuffy) Lock in August. A small socially distanced gathering was there to celebrate with them.

My Local is opening - is yours?

As we are all now aware, the 4th. July is the date set for when Pubs and Restaurants will be able to open, providing they have put measures in place to restrict the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

However, we are also well aware that many of these same businesses do operate on a low margin and their continuing financial solvency has been knocked despite help from the Government, in the form of loans and/or the payment to furlough staff. In many instances there will have been staff that would have been made redundant, all of which will have an effect on those that will be looking to reopen.

Unfortunately, there may be some businesses that will be unable to reopen and the current owner or leaseholder will have to shut the doors for good, as far as they are concerned.

A closed pub is an area of concern for CAMRA and indeed for the local community. There are unscrupulous Pub Companies and independent owners who may wish to take advantage of such a pub and put in a planning application for a ‘Change of Use’. This would mean, if the application were passed, that the pub would be lost to that community. We, as ND CAMRA, will try and keep abreast of any applications that councils may receive and we shall post an objection to that. However, as much as we would like to think we could catch all applications, this may not be possible and some could drop through the cracks.

To ensure we are able to keep abreast of what is happening to the pubs in our area, we would ask for each and every member to help do their bit for their community and local pub. As a Branch, due to the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in, it is not possible for our Pubs Officers to cover all of the pubs in a timely manner. It would be of great help, therefore, if you, as a ND CAMRA member, inform us as far as possible of the following, by sending an e-mail to ku.gro.armac.novedhtron@puorg.sbup.

1. Name of pub and location

2. Will they be opening up on or after the 4th. July and if after, when

3. If the answer to 2 is NO are you aware of any ‘Change of Use’ applications

4. If the answer to 2 is NO will the pub be closed until new tenants take over

5. If the answer to 2 is YES what restrictions, if any, will the pub be introducing; e.g. limited opening times and how long will the restrictions be in place

If your local has any form of Social Interaction presence such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., that information may well be posted there, so please look there too.

This information will only be used internally within ND CAMRA and will not be publicly available. It will help us to create a short and long term strategy as to how best we can serve not only our members better, but also the pubs in our area.

We have been trying to ensure that whilst the lockdown has been operational, that as much help has been given to those pubs, where possible, to make certain they have a chance of survival as a local for you.

Please help us to help you have a local to go to.


Back to the Pub - Advice for all pub visitors from CAMRA There is a lot of information and confusion about the various regulations we shall all need to adhere to once pubs and restaurants open for business on the 4th. July. Some will be ready to open on that date whilst others could be later as they take a more cautious approach to opening, maybe with restricted hours and/or services. CAMRA has produced a simple one page document with advice for all customers about how they should act once they arrive. This document can be found at https://s3-eu-west- or if you prefer an animated version then go to Many pubs have put on their web sites or Facebook pages, their own way of working to reduce any Covid-19 issues. We would urge you to look at those prior to your visit. Many are asking that you book a table in advance, even if it is just for a drink, to ensure that social distancing is observed as well as reduced contact with staff. May we, at North Devon CAMRA, wish all our members an enjoyable and safe experience on the return to their local on Saturday or whenever you are able to get there!


CAMRA podcasts. Listen now: .



The Voice - what North Devon CAMRA are doing to help connect customers with outlets.


Listen to our Chairman, Stephen Lock's BBC Interview on the air 3/4/2020.


For those of us who want to support our local pubs and breweries who are providing a take-away service (in line with Government guidelines for safe working and social distancing) please see Pub & Brewery Offerings or use

If you have any more up to date information please email it to ku.gro.armac.novedhtron@puorG.sbuP Please help support our pubs and breweries though this unbelievably tough time.


You may not be able to get to the pub to read the current edition of BeerTiz but yer tiz..... Beer Tiz 27 - Summer 2020 - Thank you key workers!


To support the beer and pubs industry during this difficult time, we have decided to partner with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and Crowdfunder to try and help pubs, clubs, breweries, tap rooms and cider producers during these difficult times.

Our Pulling Together campaign encourages pubs, brewers and cider makers to come up with innovative ways to keep their business afloat during this crisis – whether that be launching a new online shop, offering beer or cider takeaways or providing redeemable gift vouchers for locals.

The campaign aims to amplify the voices of those pubs, brewers and cider producers while connecting the public with their favourite local businesses. With the help of Crowdfunder, we will also encourage pubs and breweries to tap into their community to help weather the crisis.

For more information visit Pulling Together


You’ll have all seen the announcements by the Prime Minister and no doubt, been as concerned as us about the escalating situation, and also, horrified by the potential implication the measures will have on pubs, clubs, breweries and cider producers. It also undoubtedly will have a huge impact on our activities as an organisation, as well as the activities and social lives of our members. The National Executive has reached the following decisions: CAMRA OFFICE ● While the CAMRA office will remain open on a limited staffing, we will be encouraging as many staff as possible to work from home. It is not expected that this will substantially affect the service they provide to the organisation and members. CAMRA EVENTS ● Due to the advice from government concerning mass gatherings, it with great regret that we must cancel all CAMRA festivals, including the Great Welsh Beer Festival, planned between now and the end of June. We deeply appreciate all the hard work volunteers have put into these festivals and the risk management carried out by many organisers to mitigate potential losses so far. We hope that organisers will be able to stage successful festivals in 2021 and planning and negotiations made this year will be beneficial in the future – thank you to all. This will be a rolling three-month cancellation, reviewed on a weekly basis. Festivals planned for beyond the end of June should not commit to any spend without consulting with the Events committee. Anyone who has purchased an advance ticket should be offered a refund, or, if possible, a deferred ticket for a future event, or beer tokens to spend at a future festival. Details of how this can be done will be circulated.

Internal Memorandum ● The National Executive continues to review the likelihood of the Great British Beer Festival going ahead. A final decision has not been reached as it is outside the three-month cancellation window. We’d advise visitors and volunteers to hold off booking accommodation or booking leave. ● The Great British Beer Festival Winter The Working Party have been asked to go ahead, and planning will proceed on that basis for 2021. MEETINGS, MEMBERS WEEKEND, AGM & CONFERENCE ● Physical meetings, at a national, regional & branch level, should stop immediately. While we understand the important social benefits of CAMRA and the huge pleasure in pub going, we feel it would be seen as highly irresponsible to continue to promote gatherings of people in pubs – both of which have been advised against by the Government. Considering this, the National Executive has decided to instruct all committees, at national, regional and branch level, to immediately cancel any physical meetings and only organise virtual meetings. Guidance on how committees and branches can do this will be circulated. ● CAMRA’s Members Weekend, AGM and Conference weekend in York will be cancelled​. Again, due to government advice on mass gatherings, it is with regret that we must cancel the Members’ Weekend in York this April. We are looking at options for how we can successfully conclude AGM business without a physical meeting, so would encourage anyone who has not already done so to vote remotely for the Ordinary and Special Resolutions and the National Executive elections, as you will no longer be able to do so at a physical meeting. ● The Key Strategic & Branches Committee These are being tasked with assessing the impacts of the above on all our activities and the wider impacts of COVID on the pub, club and brewery industry. They will consult with staff and decide how best to use our resources and pivot our strategy to meet the new challenges. Our focus will be on the immediate campaigning and lobbying to support pubs and breweries in the light of government advice to customers to stay away – and secure a package of measures to protect them.

Internal Memorandum The CAMRA COVID Response Group (a quick response decision team made up of senior volunteers and staff) will continue to meet weekly to assess any changes in the COVID situation. CAMRA’s National Executive and Key Strategic Committees will increase the frequency of their virtual meetings to address the rapidly changing situation.

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Ryan and Kirsty at the Wellington Arms in Ilfracombe.

The Wellington Arms won a Top Performer Trophy & £2000 Cash Prize on 25th February at the Craft Union Annual Awards ceremony in Butlins, Minehead.

Ryan and Kirsty attended and were awarded with the prize for achieving fantastic Year on Year Sales and for hosting several charity and community events.

Well done - it's good to see your efforts recognised.


Congratulations to GT Ales on becoming Brewery of the Year 2019 and to Holsworthy brewery as runners up.

Well done also to Clearwater brewery & Taw Valley brewery the other two finalists.


If you have an interest in Heritage this publication may be just what you need:Real Heritage Pubs of The South West Real Heritage Pubs of The South West - Pub Interiors of Special Historic Interest

This book is part of the popular CAMRA Pub Heritage series. It includes high-quality photographs illustrating the featured pubs throughout the South West of England. With articles on specific features of each pub and full listings of over 100 pubs, celebrating their individual architectural and historical importance.

Illustrations: Over 200 full-colour photographs. Cost £5.99


CAMRA Real Ale, Cider and Perry Vouchers

The CAMRA Voucher scheme is a member benefit that entitles members to £30, sixty vouchers of fifty pence, off a pint of Real Ale, Cider or Perry. It complements the existing Real Ale Discount Scheme and is a bigger and better voucher scheme for our members

As of 1 July 2019, CAMRA replaced Wetherspoon vouchers with a new CAMRA owned and operated voucher scheme.

All new and renewing CAMRA members will now receive:

£30 (60 x 50p) worth of CAMRA Real Ale, Cider and Perry Vouchers Redeemable at over 1470 pubs nationwide, including J D Wetherspoon, Stonegate, Brains and Castle Rock managed pubs All vouchers will be valid for the length of membership for added flexibility Find out more in the full Terms and Conditions .

All existing Wetherspoon vouchers are still valid during the next 12 months.

CAMRA promotes responsible drinking and thus encourages all vouchers to be used responsibly at all times.

The CAMRA Voucher Scheme is in addition to the Real Ale Discount Scheme where around 3500 pubs offer great discount benefits to membership card-carrying CAMRA members.

Voucher redemption: Each voucher is stamped with a start and end date and must be redeemed within this time. A membership card should be produced when using vouchers as proof of membership.

CAMRA promotes responsible drinking and thus encourages all vouchers to be used responsibly at all times.


  • Good Beer Guide, 2021 Thursday 15 October 2020

    Diarise this date - 29th. October 2020

    On this day, the Good Beer Guide for 2021 will be available to purchase via the CAMRA website.

    We can only have 27 Pubs in the North Devon CAMRA area included in the Guide, so keep an eye out here to see if your local has made it into this prestigious publication.

  • Brew2You Thursday 14 May 2020

    Get beer deliveries to your door and help keep your local afloat!

    It's been a week since CAMRA launched Brew2You, a new app that allows you to order local beer, cider and perry deliveries and takeaway. In that time the app has been downloaded over 7,000 times and generated nearly £8,000 in revenue for our partners. Our aim is to connect people to great beer from local businesses in order to support pubs and breweries during this difficult time. Working with the industry, we have recruited nearly 600 partners and we would like to increase that number to provide even greater range and coverage.

    How you can help

    Can you buy from your local pub, brewery or cider producer on Brew2You?

    Why not get in touch and ask them to become a partner? They can sign up online via our website.

    Here are just a few reason why they should join:

    Our partners have greater access to customers including CAMRA's 190K members Customers can order from local pubs and breweries ​100% of the revenue accumulated goes to the partner! And CAMRA will not charge a penny* It's a simple online start up process Provides a ready made online store for those who don't already have one CAMRA will take care of marketing the platform leaving partners to take care of fulfilling the orders Helps your local stay afloat and survive the crisis

    Are your favourites already on board?

    You can check if your local pubs, clubs, bottle shops, breweries and cider producers are already set up on Brew2You by downloading the app. The app is available on iPhone via the App Store. Unfortunately, we have experienced compliance issues with our Android version and have not yet been able to launch it to our members. We realise that this is frustrating and are doing everything we can to progress the release and will keep you informed of the date.

    The longer the lockdown lasts the harder hit our pubs and breweries will be and the more we risk many closing their doors for good. You can help them to stay afloat and see them through this crisis. Support your local and tell them about Brew2You today!

    Thank you for your support.

    The CAMRA Team * A fee of £2 per month is payable to Stripe payment gateway.