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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Process for selecting Pub of the Year, Cider Pub of the Year and Club of the Year.

Process and Rules for North Devon CAMRA Pub of the Year (POTY), Cider Pub of the Year (CPOTY) and Club of the Year (COTY).

1. All members will be sent an e-mail inviting them to nominate from the full list of the current Good Beer Guide entries, which currently number 27. These will be the only pubs eligible to be nominated for POTY. All responses should be sent electronically to the Branch Secretary at ku.gro.armac.novedhtron@yraterces. The member who nominates MUST give their membership number and must be in writing to ensure transparency. Only one nomination per member to be allowed for POTY.

2. Nominations will close at the end of the day 15th February 2024. The long list being available to the committee a week later. The Committee will then discuss the nominations and select a shortlist to be surveyed if required.

3. Judging Panel members who have indicated their willingness to act as a surveyor for POTY will review the list and the agreed date by when the shortlisted pubs will be visited. These visits will be concluded at least 7 days before the winner has to be passed to the Regional Director on 17th March. The winner will then be put forward as an entry into the Regional finals.

4. Based on feedback, just one visit to each of the shortlisted pubs will be required. Based on the time-frame then all pubs should be able to be surveyed in plenty of time.

5. The Cider Pub of the Year (CPOTY) and the Club of the Year (COTY) process will be slightly different in that ALL pubs/clubs will be eligible for nomination by members due to there being no indication in the GBG of which pub is a Cider pub and clubs are few and far between. Please note that for a Club to be nominated, they have to allow non-members to have access to the Bar e.g. a Golf Club. The same-time frame is in place but as we do not know what the number of nominations are likely to be, some effort will be required here. Similar to the POTY competition, only one nomination will be accepted per member for CPOTY and COTY.

6. For the Cider and Club of the year, a similar process will be carried out as that to decide the Pub of the Year.

Please Note that a member may well nominate one establishment to cover all three categories BUT that member's vote will only count once in each category i.e. one vote for POTY, one vote for CPOTY and one vote for COTY.