North Devon

Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Concern for Quality

Regularly visiting pubs serving real ale in our area to ensure high standards of beer quality are maintained, in particular our real ale pubs showcased in the Good Beer Guide. And taking action if you find the quality is not up to the expected standard - speaking with the landlord first and the branch.

Attend a tasting course and join the Tasting Panel with Alan Edgecombe ku.gro.armac.novedhtron@lenaP.gnitsaT Enjoy the opportunity to have an informed opinion on the beers you drink and pen the descriptions of our area beers in the Good Beer Guide.

Become a beer judge and travel around the branch area and Regional and National Beer and Cider festivals.

Take part in some tutored tasting sessions to educate your palate and know what you should be tasting and which beer goes with what.

Top quality beer