North Devon

Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

CAMRA National Campaign - Summer of Pub

Summer of Pub

Campaigning can be a simple as grabbing a real ale or real cider and heading for your local pub garden…….

This summer’s CAMRA campaign is all about visiting real ale pubs and getting out into the garden and enjoying socialising over a pint.

Try a different beer, in a different pub, with different company – you just might make new friend for life. And if your taste isn’t adventurous, stick to what you know and love.

But, make sure you snap the moment and send it to us moc.liamg@armacdnffutsbew() to go on the branch website ( Tell us where you are and what you are drinking. Share your campaigning efforts with us so we can celebrate our real ale and pub gardens in North Devon.

If you aren’t sure if a pub has a garden, then use the filter on our Pub and Clubs database - just tick the "garden" box under "Click here for more search options".

Happy Campaigning!